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Best Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed Towing Services

Tow trucks are used to rescue indisposed and impounded vehicles that are not drivable. The cars that need to be towed may be from accidents and need special teams of towing associates to get the car to the desired locations. Tow trucks are of many types. Every one of them is used for a specific reason.

Wrecker tow trucks are known for using a boom with a winch that can lift the vehicle vertically. It is mostly to get a car out of a stuck situation. They are primarily used at sites that have descending embankments or challenging conditions to navigate.

Flatbed tow trucks work uniquely, as you can recognize by the name ‘flatbed.’ They have bare space at their back without fixed roofs and sides so that the thing which is needed to be towed can easily be placed on the end of the truck. Flatbed wreckers are very good for the cars that have disposed of engines or have been in accidents; in other words, the vehicles that are not drivable. Towing Elite provides the best flatbed towing rates, whether it is a Flatbed tow truck you need or a wheel-lift tow truck. In our opinion, Towing Elite is the best answer to someone’s google searches “Flatbed Tow Truck Near Me” or “flatbed towing service near me.”

Flatbed Tow Truck Services 

Flatbed tow truck services need to be professional because, on the trucks’ backs, there is a required responsibility to be fulfilled by the drivers and the teams. A commitment of us to deliver the car without damaging it by some simple mistake. So, to eliminate, we have well trained and experienced teams that will help you get your work done without harming the vehicle. Our company offers cheap flatbed towing services in a remarkable response time frame.

Flatbed Towing Costs from other companies in the market can be most expensive. Towing Elite provides flatbed towing services at very reasonable rates. Our professionals check all the precautions that need to be fulfilled before the tow truck’s departure. We only provide personnel that is entirely associated with their job and are fully equipped with the equipment they need.

Towing Elite can help your car in getting out of any situation. Whether it is an indisposed engine you are facing or flat tires, our flatbed towing services are here at your service. With multiple locations, a person googling “Flatbed towing company near me” or Flatbed towing near me,” would be devastating if he doesn’t get any help in a timely manner. Our company provides a quick and transparent response for anyone who is stuck and stranded on the road.

Flatbed Transportation

Hauling cargo and supplies is a difficult job. It needs unique hands to be performed well. Towing Elite is a professional firm that hauling cargo companies need and trust to transfer their goods on our adequately equipped trucks. Our Flatbed towing costs are incredibly reasonable. We offer a vast range of flatbed towing services that include:

  • Towing Construction Materials, such as metallic rods, lumber, bricks, etc.
  • Transporting Heavy industrial machinery and equipment.
  • Delivering heavy and light automotive.
  • Hauling Goods and other Miscellaneous objects.
  • Towing Containers that are 20 feet long or less.

Our services are reliable, and we deliver the goods as fast as possible, so you save from any inconvenience. We offer light and medium-duty towing services, where the weight of content would not exceed 9k lbs. Our Services are not limited to transferring goods and towing vehicles, where we also offer various efficient roadside assistance facilities.

Heavy Equipment Towing

Our tow trucks can also take heavy equipment towing to the destinations you want both short and long distances. Our flatbed tow truck service is widely recognized for providing the best towing services and a wide variety of towing services. Towing Elite is responsible for taking your vehicles and the heavy mechanical machinery to the destination you want. Our flatbed tow trucks can usually hold equipment weighing up to 9,000 pounds.


Can you tow two vehicles at the same time?

Yes, two-car towing is possible for us. Our boom tow trucks having flatbed can tow trucks at the same time. The wheel-lift phenomena can tow one vehicle, and the other can be placed on the tow truck’s flatbed. Besides that, our services are not limited to flatbed towing; we also offer proficient services of emergency towing, commercial towingand roadside assistance.

Does all-wheel drive vehicles can be damaged by towing?

We use flatbed towing trucks on which the vehicle can be placed without the car’s wheels being pulled touching on the ground. This means towing the cars doesn’t harm the cars placed on the truck’s flatbed.


Flatbed Towing is the best way to tow a vehicle or any other heavy equipment safely. Towing Elite provides the services at affordable rates with quality trucks, drivers, and customer-friendly policies.

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